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Student media is far from mere work experience. It's a way to amplify the opinions, views and concerns of students and allow them to reach a wider audience. It's one more way students can campaign for change in society, within and beyond the campus.


We are the official media partners of Student Pride, held annually. 2015's event, held on Marylebone campus, saw interviews, live music and more.

Shape the conversation

Smoke Media holds power to account my reporting on the activities of the Students' Union elected officers, not only during election time but throughout the year.

Who are we?

Smoke Media is run entirely by and for students. The QH newspaper provides news and commentary on campus happenings, Smoke Mag provides your monthly arts and culture fix, Smoke Radio broadcasts a variety of shows 24/7, and Smoke TV provide a voice to bring all Westminster's campuses together. Any current Westminster student can join us.


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